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[1] Warranty note:
2-year guarantee for non-professional use range: Off-Line, Line Interactive and On-Line UPS up to 3KVA.
1- year guarantee for professional use range: On-Line UPS higher than 3KVA.


Lapara UPS have been launched in 2006 in order to offer a complete solution unified under the same commercial name.


We believe in the collaboration between companies and in a clear and transparent communication with the end user. For this reason, we offer to any visitor complete information about each of our products. In this website, you will find a general description with the features of each item and you will be able to download the data sheet, user’s manual and software. There is also a FAQ section and a Glossary at everybody’s disposal, which will be of great help when choosing the most suitable article. And if you still have any doubt, you can contact us here.


We spare no effort and dedication to offer a product of the highest quality, reliability and efficiency, with a very carefully studied design at the best price. Our UPS have a 2-year guarantee[1].


We offer a broad range of protection devices, for domestic, commercial or industrial use, starting from easy-to-use Surge Protectors up to On-Line UPS for industrial purposes. A wide catalogue to meet any requirement you may have.

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