Surge and Spike protector
This equipment is specially designed to provide protection against power surge and spikes and also as power extender for several devices. It has been created to reduce idle power wastage produced by standby devices.
With its master-controlled design, the unit provides energy saving by shutting down unused peripherals. The master outlet is designed to sense current drawn by connected equipment, usually a computer. When the computer is shut down, it will shut off power to slave outlets which connect all PC peripherals. In case you may need the devices to continue working independently, you can plug them into the independent outlets.

Input voltage range

220VAC ~ 240VAC

Output voltage regulation

220V ~ 240V

Max. Load

10A Max / 250V


Power surge and spikes
Modem / phone line protection


1 Schuko: Master
4 Schuko: Slave
2 Schuko: Independent


Green LED: Power
Yellow LED: Master / slave

Dimensions D x W x H (mm)

166 x 161 x 88.7

Weight (Kg)



User manual
[PDF - 195 Kb]

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