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On-Line UPS SH series

SH series is specifically designed for operation in poor power areas. They provides high power density with long backup time in compact size. It’s ideal for ATMs, banking and other business critical applications. Program up to 8 parameters to adapt the UPS to the application, including energy savings.


1KVA / 800W
2KVA / 1600W
3KVA / 2400W

Input voltage range

95VAC ~ 140VAC (110VAC systems)
175VAC ~ 290VAC (220VAC systems)

Output voltage regulation (battery mode)


Transfer time

AC mode to Battery mode: 0 ms
Inverter to Bypass: 4 ms

Wave form (battery mode)

Pure sine wave


AC Mode: up to 90%
Battery mode: up to 88%


Warnings on LCD and audible alarms


1KVA: 3xSchuko+USB+RS232
+Intelligent port
2KVA: 3xSchuko+USB+RS232
+Intelligent port
3KVA: 4xSchuko+Terminal Block
+USB+RS232+Intelligent port

Dimensions D x V x H (mm)

1KVA: 282 x 145 x 220
2KVA: 397 x 145 x 220
3KVA: 421 x 190 x 318

Weight (Kg.)

1KVA: 9,8 Kg
2KVA: 17 Kg
3KVA: 27,6 Kg

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