On-Line Rack v.09

ON-LCD-V.09 series On-Line UPS

This ON-LCD-V.09 series On-Line UPS has a true double-conversion design. It provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. It can accept wider input voltage for harsh environment. It's perfect protection for your precious servers and workstations.

The key feature improvements in relation to its former version are:

> Power factor: 0.9

> Efficiency power convert: up to 98% @ECO mode, 90% @ on-line mode(AC/AC), and nearly 90% @ battery mode(DC/AC)

> 3 stage (CC, CV,FV) charging methodology, charging current up to 1.5A(max) for standard model, 8A(max) extend parallel control available for long run model.

Designed to fit rack mounting

Available capacities

1KVA / 900W
2KVA / 1800W
3KVA / 2700W

Input voltage Range

80V ~ 150V (110V systems)
160V ~ 300V (220V systems)

Output voltage regulation (battery mode)


Transfer time

AC Mode to Battery Mode: 0 ms
Inverter to Bypass: 4 ms

Wave form (battery mode)

Pure Sine-wave


AC Mode: up to 91%
ECO mode: up to 97%
Battery mode: up to 90%


Warnings on LCD and audible alarms


1KVA: 4xIEC + USB + RS232 + RJ45 + Intelligent Slot SNMP
2KVA: 6xIEC + USB + RS232 + RJ45 + Intelligent Slot SNMP
3KVA: 8xIEC + Terminales + USB + RS232 + RJ45 + Intelligent Slot SNMP

Dimensions D x W x H (mm)

1KVA: 410 x 438 x 88
2KVA: 510 x 438 x 88
3KVA: 600 x 438 x 88

Weight (Kg.)

1KVA: 11,6 Kg
2KVA: 19,5 Kg
3KVA: 27,4 Kg

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